Laser Energy in Gynaecological Surgeries

In a quest to contribute to the advancement of healthcare on the African continent, Dr. Kenneth Egwuda, with the team at Alps Hospitals and Diagnostics, pioneered the use of diode laser in minimal access gynaecological surgeries (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy).

This is a technique that offers the benefits of increased operational speed, minimal or no risk fluid overload, less trauma and is also bloodless to a large extent.

In addition, there is insignificant post-operative adhesions or complications when compared to other sourses of energy used in minimal access surgeries or hysteroscopy. This has made laser a preferred option when Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is in view.

Dr. Kenneth Egwuda is the first African to train at the International School of Laser Gynaecology (ISLaG), Sofia, Bulgaria.

The results so far have been 200+ successful surgeries and still counting.

This is greatly helping to actualise the vision of healthcare that caters for the need of every one through the use of the most effective methods.

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